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Choosing DTC

We are known for our creative and effective market development, which use our existing market knowledge and business links to avoid expensive market campaign.

Our purpose is to help you to develop more competitive products and build your solid market position.

Choosing DTC means, that you choose not only a sincere friend, but also a reliable partner.

Adding value

Market intelligence is vital to the trader. This is often expensive to procure on an individual basis.

We provide both the domestic and international business community with up-to-date information, reliable trade and business leads, and advisory services to enable them to make timely and informed decisions in the highly competitive world of international trade.

Every enquiry is treated as an important business opportunity to further research and development.

Working with DTC

We work closely with your commercial staff as they play a significant role in the life of each export-import company.

By working together or as your representative/agent we can help you to develop your sale, turnover and reduce cost of your export or import activity.

Let us emphasize, that in our activity we are always oriented on results and practical dimensions of the business (new accounts, turnover).

Our activity is based on market knowledge and experience, so we believe that good, personal relationship and individual approach are always the best and results in efficient cooperation between supplier and distributors.

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